I love mountains. I love the adventure of the journey and all the excitement that comes when some crazy impulse dares me to go out and experience majestic high peaks. Reaching a rocky summit or a snowy glacier or a high pass, I feel completely alive, and know that that no matter what happens from there on, I will have truly lived.


There is a whimsical “wild child” within me -- we see possibilities for adventure everywhere. We think I can do or be anything. We don’t listen to voices with reasons why I can’t or shouldn’t. We just ignore conventional wisdom and go after my dreams.


Do you remember being a wild child, when you played and imagined feats of reckless daring? I hope my stories inspire you to find that wild child again, and perhaps to  occasionally break from conformity, and indulge some impulse you have for adventure!


Welcome to my adventures, the views from AnnieUpHigh are simply amazing...


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Denver, Colorado

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Oct 21 – Elephant on the Trail
I first saw it heading out from Lukla–it was small. But by yesterday it was huge! You’ve heard the expression elephant in the room? Well, there’s an elephant on the trail. But what’s weird is I’m the only one who … Continue reading
Oct 15 - Nov 6 Everest Region, Nepal 10.9.2016 6:30 -57 Days

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